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Our Story

Established in 1976 by Daniel Lanois, Bob Lanois and Bob Doidge, the studio at 38 Grant Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, was conceived as an alternative to the large, sterile recording environments in which they had found themselves so frequently working.

“You would walk into these big studios in Toronto and you couldn’t even see your bandmates or the producer. It was so cold and impersonal.”  - Bob Doidge

An intimate space where connection and atmosphere are paramount and imagination will always be emphasized over technical perfection.

Bob Doidge and Daniel Lanois

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Daniel Lanois and Bono at Grant Avenue (1978)

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Spoons at Grant Avenue (1981)

Grant Avenue Studio served as an incubator for Lanois’ early collaborations with icons like Brian Eno and U2. Throughout the decades countless artists and producers have looked to Grant Avenue to nurture their originality, develop their sound and help create something truly unique.


“There was always such a great scene there. We’d be working away on music and Tom Wilson or Dave Rave or whoever would just drop by to hang out. It was the place to be.” - Grant Avenue alumnus David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel, Mastodon, Silverchair)

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